Best crypto exchange in India 2022


Best crypto exchange in India – Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular in India, which has led to a significant increase in the number of crypto exchanges in India.

Cryptocurrency exchanges simply act as a platform to buy and sell digital currencies and exchange them for fiat currencies like Indian rupees (INR) or more complex is possible Ability to provide services that help increase your wealth.

Here is our guide to help you choose the best crypto exchange in India that suits your financial investment goals.

Criteria for choosing the best crypto exchanges in India.

There are many criteria to precisely define a best cryptocurrency exchange, basically if you require rigorous selections, it will be difficult to find the best exchange.

Therefore, finding the best cryptocurrency exchanges in India will be a bit simplified, but still ensure the requirements of a best exchange.

Basically the best crypto exchanges in India are divided into 2 categories.

The first type are exchanges that mainly target their customers who are Indian residents, which helps them to better serve their customers.

The second category is the global cryptocurrency exchanges, which accept users who are residents of India.

These exchanges all have the following elements.

Security: Good cryptocurrency exchanges must ensure the safety of user information to protecting their assets.

Support: Sure, as the competition gets fiercer, the best exchanges have 24/7/365 support.

Buy and sell with fiat currency: Support users to buy and sell fiat money to Bitcoin, altcoins or vice versa.

It seems that we are missing a very important factor, the best crypto exchanges in India still have to meet one requirement: Infinite profitability.

When you participate in making money on any cryptocurrency exchange, profitability is what matters. Profitability is usually expressed through the following factors: Trading contests, Airdrop, sending interest, accessing new coins as soon as possible…

List of Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India

Here is a list of the best exchanges in India that you can refer to.

Exchange Bybit

Bybit is a global cryptocurrency exchange, they are also very interested in users in Southeast Asia, South Asia … so if you want to find the best exchange in India then Bybit would be a good choice.

As mentioned, the best exchanges should be the ones that give users more opportunities to increase their assets.

Users in India are completely assured of this, Bybit is an exchange with many attractive events to help users in India easily increase their assets.

ByBit’s main products.

  • LaunchPad:

Grow your wealth by buying early tokens at cheap prices. In fact, these tokens often multiply 5 or 10 times their value compared to when they were purchased.
Your job is simply to hold a minimum of 50 BIT tokens (BITDAO) or hold 100 USDT.

best crypto exchange in india
Bybit Launchpad – best crypto exchange in India

In some cases, their value accelerates, specifically KASTA, REAl, CBX tokens.

  • Launchpool:

Hold BIT tokens during the promotion period, get profit with new tokens, you can stop at any time.

  • Byvotes:

Voting campaigns are easy to help you generate income with a high win rate. What do you need to do? Choose your favorite listing, vote, win the airdrop!

Voting campaigns are easy to help you generate income with a high win rate. What do you need to do? Choose your favorite listing, vote, win the airdrop!

  • Copy Trading:

Choose a reputable trader, choose your trading taste, wait to win, it’s too easy to trade even if you’re not an expert.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India
Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India – Copy Trading

With many functions to help users optimize trading profits, Bybit is recommended by the blog earn-crypto as the best cryptocurrency exchange in India.

Copy trading generates consistent income with small capital costs.

  • Trading contests:

Actually these are Airdrop campaigns from Bybit partners. When 1 token is listed on Bybit, they will have a relatively large advertising fund (usually ~$100,000).

This amount is equivalent to their tokens, Bybit traders can participate in contests to be split equally or proportionally (the larger the transaction amount, the bigger the reward will be).

So, as long as you trade enough volume, you can receive the reward. Usually you can get from 5$ – 10$ per contest, sometimes you can also get from 20$ – 50$, in some rare cases you can get up to ~150$.

You can see in the Airdrop history of Earn-Crypto, I received 383.14 CTC tokens, at the time of updating this article 1 CTC ~ 0.42$. So with only low transaction fees, in a trading contest 100% trading will have rewards, I got ~$150. I think I’m fine with Bybit, and of course I can assure you, ByBit is one of the best crypto exchanges in India.


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