Best Ways To Earn Crypto In 2022

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Best Ways To Earn Crypto In 2022 – The crypto industry is huge. If you want to start making money (Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies) but you don’t have much experience in choosing the best crypto campaigns then this article is for you.

There are arguably the best ways to earn cryptocurrency. They are evaluated by individuals or organizations, they may or may not be defined correctly.

The blog has presented the best ways to earn free crypto with definitions and explanations for each. They also include advantages and requirements for the reader to choose from.

These campaigns may require you to complete tasks such as verifying an account, depositing funds, or there are campaigns that require more effort, you need to look at them carefully.

With campaigns that need to be deposited, this is not financial investment advice, the cryptocurrency market has certain risks, so you need to check carefully before making any financial investment.

Through this post, I have tried to cover some of the safest methods of making money, at least we have tested them, tested them in practice. If you are ready to search for the best campaigns to earn Bitcoin and crypto then start now.

Best Ways To Earn Crypto – Earn BITCOIN

Earning cryptocurrency is divided into 2 categories they include earning BITCOIN (BTC) and Altcoins.

Best Ways To Earn Crypto – Earn Bitcoin with Online Jobs

Earn Bitcoins with Online Jobs, there are many websites that provide simple jobs like download apps, register, like, share, watch videos … and the people who hire you to work will pay you.

Your job is simply to earn the quest, complete it, finally get paid in BITCOIN.

Check out the reputable sites below, the best sites to freelance and earn BTC.

Sproutgigs -Best job market

Sproutgigs – formerly known as Picoworkers, like Timebucks, Jobboy this is one of the best online job platforms available today.

There are many missions from all over the world, you will easily earn income in your spare time.

NameCategoryMin. withdrawTrust levelGo to website/appProposal to withdraw money
Timebucksfreelance work10$5*Timebucks.comRemitano Exchange
Picoworkers ( work5$5*Sproutgigs.comRemitano Exchange
Jobboyfreelance work6$5*Jobboy.comRemitano Exchange

Earn Bitcoin by Faucet, Exchange

There are many ways to earn Bitcoin, the simplest is using faucets, participating in trading contests on cryptocurrency exchanges…

Refer to the list of ways to earn BITCOIN below.

OKX exchange – Get a $10,000 mystery box when you sign up, Get Free BTC Daily

Sign up for OKX, you will receive a mystery box worth up to 10,000$.

This is a major exchange in the world, weekly you get 500 free satoshi (Bitcoin BTC units). By logging into the app every 24 hours, you can get your Bitcoin (BTC) compensation. Once you reach 10.000 satoshi, you can withdraw BTC to your wallet and trade. Importantly, you don’t need to see any annoying ads.

PTC site let you earn daily BITCOIN, low minimum withdrawal amount.

Easily earn BITCOIN by watching ads, the 2 best PTC sites that allow you to earn BITCOIN today are:

Coinpayu – Best recommendation to earn BITCOIN

Having said that, COinpayU is one of the best websites that allows you to earn BITCOIN today.

  • Its strength is high payout per ad click.
  • There are many faucets for you to get rewarded after 60 minutes. These include BTC, ETH, LTC, DOGE…
  • There are many surveys that pay with BITCOIN, or you can bet cryptocurrencies for extra profit.
  • Low withdrawal with only 2500 satoshi.
  • With such a low amount we recommend you to use Faucetpay wallet and Remitano exchange to withdraw money, see details on how to use Faucetpay here.
  • Various withdrawal methods.
coinpayu – Best recommendation to earn BITCOIN

This is a site similar to CoinpayU, we will not review it anymore.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 500 satoshi. With such a low amount we recommend you to use Faucetpay wallet to withdraw money, see details on how to use Faucetpay here.

See all ways to earn BITCOIN via the link below.

How to earn free Bitcoin? Earn Bitcoin free 2022!

NameCategoryMin. withdrawTrust levelGo to website/appProposal to withdraw money
Faucetpay.ioFaucetDepends on coin type5*
Coin PayUFaucet2500 satoshi5*Coinpayu.comRemitano Exchange
AdBtcFaucet500 satoshi5*
FreebitcoFaucet30.000 satoshi5*Freebitco.inRemitano Exchange
Okx Exchange10.000 satoshi5*Okx.comOKX Exchange

CryptoTab Browser, Daily BITCOIN Mining Browser

On Cryptotab there are many ways to generate income by mining BITCOIN and NFT, see options below

  • Mining BITCOIN

Light browser for web browsing, you get paid to surf or use it to mine Bitcoin. Use both on your computer or phone, invite friends to build a huge Bitcoin mining empire.

  • Mining NFT

Complex mining is no more, now I use new mining NFT from CryptoTab to earn a huge amount of Bitcoin right on my phone! It’s incredibly easy and simple to do — there’re no limits and no high electricity bills! And with Affiliate Program I get an income bonus to step up my BTC earnings. I definitely recommend:

  • Create a farm

No need to use expensive machines, you can still create your own BITCOIN mining farm, try it now.

See CryptoTab related articles here!!!

Best Ways To Earn Crypto – Earn ALTCOINS

Earn free crypto through Airdrop campaigns.

Today, Airdrop has had many changes, not only giving free, but also having paid Airdrop programs. Paid campaigns can sometimes be risky, the biggest risk is that you might come across fraudulent campaigns, leading to loss of money.

In the process of making money and cryptocurrencies in general, we have also been tripped by scam airdrops, and also gained some experience when it comes to choosing quality airdrops.

So, refer to the quality Airdrop campaigns through the list below.

Pipeflare (Free daily)

PipeFlare is a crypto faucet, play-to-earn blockchain gaming platform, and exciting NFT Marketplace. Gamers can compete for $2000 in weekly prizes, and over $45,000 in Battle Pass prizes.

Everyone can claim FREE #ZEC, #MATIC, and #1FLR every day. With your Pyro Mystery Egg NFT you will get a random amount of 1FLR Tokens.

Get 39 ONUS and 10 USDT on Onus App (free)

Onus is a new cryptocurrency, rewards, mining, staking, farming platform created as an app.

Earn PRE by using Presearch browser to search instead of Google (Free daily)

Presearch is the first decentralized search engine that compensates users for searching on their platform with cryptocurrency called Presearch coins. This search engine was created in response to the current state of search engines today where Google, Bing, and Amazon dominate the landscape.


Probit Global (Free weekly)

ProBit Global launches a new airdrop every 2 weeks. Monday just got more fun! All participants must complete both phone number verification and STEP 2 KYC to be eligible for the airdrop.

Use the button below to participate in Airdrops, receive up to tens of $ for each Airdrop.

Latoken (Free weekly)

The world’s leading exchange, its strength is that they have a lot of Airdrop programs. Users can completely earn 5$-50$ per month through airdrop events.

Remitano NFT and FIVE token (Paid Airdrops)

Remitano is the world’s leading exchange, now launching new products including FIVE token and NFT exchange, Remitano connects investors with content producers (youtubers, producers, etc.) movies…) creating a sustainable long-term playing field.

Investors can buy NFTs (products such as youtube channels, movies, singers …) for investment, content producers use investors’ capital to develop movie projects, youtube channel … and return income to investors under the contract committed with Remitano.

When investors buy NFT will be paid Airdrop (FIVE token) monthly from Remitano. Individuals who own FIVE tokens will be paid profits from NFT listing fees, transaction fees, project registration fees, etc. in a percentage clearly committed.

The FIVE token only has a total supply of 100,000,000, so it is the main token that the earn-crypto blog is holding today.

BYBIT – Earn thousands of dollars from trading contests (Paid Airdrops)

Bybit is the world’s leading exchange, participating in trading contests on Bybit is how the earn-crypto blog has made thousands of dollars at very low cost.

Basically when BYBIT offers 1 new trading pair, users will receive a notification to participate in cryptocurrency trading campaigns which are very simple, just complete the required volume of buy and sell transactions, users user will get that new token (tradable) or USDT as committed.

With only a very low capital, you can completely participate in Airdrop campaigns on BYBIT.


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