CryptoTab Browser Review – Best Bitcoin mining browser 2022


Is Cryptotab Browser the “best bitcoin mining browser” you can mine Bitcoins for free and easily legally on Cryptotab Browser, now see this CryptoTab browser review for more details.

If you are looking for information related to Bitcoin mining browser like CryptoTab then surely you will be interested in earning extra income online, specifically with mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

CryptoTab commits that you can mine Bitcoin easily on internet-connected electronic devices like phone or computer… what’s even better CryptoTab is listed as “best bitcoin mining browser” by free bundle .

However you do not know what they promise is real or fake, is Cryptotab legit? Sure, you’re right to look at things, until you’re sure Cryptotab is legit, and you also need to know if the earning potential is really worth your time.

You need me, someone who is really into Bitcoin mining on Cyprotab, I will share everything with you through the article “CryptoTab browser review” and now let’s get started with me.

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CryptoTab Browser review – What is CryptoTab Browser?

What is CryptoTab Browser?

CryptoTab Browser is a lightweight browser with added functionality for Bitcoin mining. It can be personalized to your liking with thousands of extensions available to extend the browser’s functions and help you browse the web quickly and comfortably.

Surf the web get Bitcoin, browse fast, mine Bitcoin even faster, specially 100% free. Try CryptoTab — the world’s first free Bitcoin mining browser.

Earn Bitcoins without doing things like watching videos, chatting or playing online games. Already more than  10 million users around the world have used CryptoTab browser.

The unique feature of the CryptoTab browser is that usually when miners mine cryptocurrencies, they use highly configured computers to mine Bitcoins and they certainly cannot use it for anything else, while if you use CryptoTab for mining, you can still use your computer to do other.

Four reasons to use CryptoTab free Bitcoin mining browser.

CryptoTab is a flexible solution that gives you all the tools to explore and navigate the web. It also has a host of unique features, making it really stand out from the competition.

Earn Bitcoins While Browsing

Enable mining, then just lay back, scroll the newsfeed, chat on social media or watch Netflix — CryptoTab’s mining algorithm takes care of the rest. Multiply your earnings and get your first Bitcoin, invite new users to the mining network through private link to earn more Bitcoins.

Built-in Fastest Mining Algorithm

CryptoTab’s mining algorithm delivers high-speed performance without slowing down — even on mobile!

You can speed up your mining even more by enabling the Cloud.Boost feature. Cloud.Boost 10x speed doesn’t seem to be enough? Upgrade it to more than 1000% with even more powerful Super.Boost.

Switch to a new browser with just one click

Are you doubting whether CryptoTab can completely replace your current Chrome?

No doubt. Import bookmarks, history, passwords and settings with a few clicks. Improve your browsing experience without losing a single byte of personal data in transit.

Enjoy all your favorite Chrome extensions

Switching to a new browser isn’t a good reason to give up on what you’re used to. Luckily, you can also use your favorite Chrome extensions in the CryptoTab Browser.

Just a few clicks — and you can keep browsing the web with all your favorite tools at your fingertips. Or you can pick up something new: any extension from the Store Chrome online should work properly in CryptoTab.

Is CryptoTab Legit or a Scam

There are many countries participating in using CryptoTab browser, most of them from the US, Russia, Indonesia, Ukraine, India… all websites used by multinationals will usually have a low rate of scam, fraud, however need to be more cautious, learn carefully if you intend to invest in CryptoTab.

free Bitcoin mining browser
Statistical data on similarweb on 11/02/2022

You should strictly follow their regulations to get paid. Personally, as a real user of Cryptotab, I have received payments from them many times, with very few problems, even though the payment time is about 1 week late. Cryptotab is a reputable website (from my personal side)

See proof of payment below.

Is CryptoTab Legit or a Scam

CryptoTab Browser Earning Potential

We are talking about how free Bitcoin mining on CrypTotab Browser will generate income, it really has potential, can really generate a good source of income.

See details on how to mine Bitcoin on Cryptotab through the article below.

How do I get Bitcoins on CryptoTab browser?

How you make money from Cryptotab browser.

If you choose the mining option to make money you will hardly earn much, because this depends on the device, number of devices, internet speed, mining frequency…

If you use one device, it will take a long time to generate income, so mine on any device you have available.

In short, this is not the best option to earn money, its only advantage is that you do not need to invest expensive equipment to start mining.

You can use the Cloud.Boost function to multiply the mining speed by tens of times. However, it will cost you a fee, which means you need to invest some money to upgrade your mining speed.

With this option I recommend not upgrading to the most expensive plan, instead you should experiment with the smallest plan, is it effective to use on different devices to compare profits?

Let’s see how it goes before deciding to take the upgrade to a higher level.

Cryptotab Browser cash payment or cryptocurrency?

Cryptotab does not pay you cash, instead they pay Bitcoin to your Bitcoin address, with a low minimum payout of only 0.0001 BTC you can place a withdrawal order to your Bitcoin wallet.

However, you do not have to withdraw when you have a low amount, although you can do this, we will discuss it in the section on how to withdraw.

You will receive payment within 1 week from the date of placing the withdrawal order.

CryptoTab Browser – What does the best Bitcoin mining browser offer you?

On Cryptotab there are many ways to earn Bitcoin, but in which there are mainly 2 basic ways, they have different pros and cons, depending on your preferences and circumstances, you may have different options.

Option 1 – Mining Bitcoin with available equipment

Bitcoin mining is one of the main features on the CryptoTab browser. What you need to do is install a browser, sure otherwise you won’t be able to exploit anything.

You can use your computer or phone to mine Bitcoins. To start mining, you need to open your browser and choose a mining speed, what does this mean?

The CryptoTab browser is designed to use only unused resources in your computer. This way, it can run without affecting your normal computer usage.

The mining speed you cannot control depends on the available resources, the speed of the internet connection…

The mining speed that you can control depends on the configuration of your device and choose a fast or slow mining speed.

If you choose a fast speed, obviously the number of Bitcoins that can be mined will be more, but the consequence is that the computer must run faster, the fan must increase speed to cool, the computer consumes more electricity, if you use It will drain your phone’s battery. In the long run, the quality of the equipment will decrease.

Therefore, you should consider choosing the appropriate mining speed, but this option also has its own advantages. You don’t need to invest in a hugely expensive mining rig to start mining Bitcoin.

Option 2 – Join an affiliate marketing program

You can join the refer friends program completely for free with a invite link of your own. By sharing information related to free Bitcoin mining on CryptTotab browser to your friends via social networks, blogs/websites, Youtube channels… you can completely generate passive income when you Your friends sign up and mine Bitcoins using the CryptoTab browser.

With 10 levels of referral levels, you get a pretty attractive payout from CryptoTab earnings, specifically as shown in the image below.

Cryptotab browser review - Best Bitcoin mining browser 2022

CryptoTab is full of banners, landing pages, videos and images to help you advertise your campaign in the best way.

The advantage is that you can join for free and generate passive income. The drawback is that if your friends don’t mine, you won’t get the Bitcoin commission.

How does the affiliate program work?

free Bitcoin mining browser

Cryprotap browser review – Other important Information on Cryptotab

Some more information you need to know before deciding to participate in CryptoTab.


If you need assistance, you should see all relevant documentation in the FAQ section. In case you need live support, it’s best to send them an email.

Mobile apps?

Cryptotab has a mobile app, you can see the installation instructions on your phone here.

Cryptotab’s app is available on both Android and iOS. This app allows you to mine for free and for a fee. The paid version has a low price of ~ 3$.

Of course, the paid version will exploit better, importantly mining on the phone can cause the device to heat up and consume the battery. You should mine on unused phones.

Restrictions on use?

Without any restrictions, you can be in any country and age to start mining Bitcoin on Cryptotab.

Other monetization options?

Yes, you can build your own farm with Cryptotab Farm. Increase the ability to make money when using the shortened link form on Cryptotab with Cb.Click, you need to register a Cryptotab account to use both Cryptotab farm and

Cryptotab Bitcoin withdrawal instructions and recommendations.

To withdraw the mined BTC from Cryptotab, you have 2 options.

Option 1 – Withdraw BTC with minimum amount to Faucetpay

My personal experience is that you should leave more than the minimum amount of BTC and then withdraw, wallets or exchanges may not credit that BTC for you, because it is too little, and this will may cost you all BTC mined from CryptoTab Browser.

I once lost all the Bitcoin mined on Cryptotab, the Bitcoin address wallet could not credit the amount of BTC too small, after this loss, I learned from the experience of choosing Faucetpay and Bybit exchange as the address containing Bitcoin, because Faucetpay .io is a wallet that can hold BTC in extremely small amounts.

If you do not know Facuetpay, you can follow the article below.

Faucetpay reviews 2022 – scam or legit

Option 2 – Withdraw BTC to a reputable exchange

You can also withdraw the mined BTC to the Bybit exchange’s Bitcoin address.

Why should you choose Bybit exchange?

These are the world’s leading exchanges where you can easily make profitable investments with low amounts.

There are many options like they recommend quality coins that you can buy at extremely low prices or simply deposit your BTC to make it profitable.

Instructions to withdraw BTC from Cryptotab

Step 1: Click on the 3 dashes and select Withdraw BTC

Instructions to withdraw Bitcoin from Cryptotab

Step 2: Enter the wallet address and select the amount of BTC to withdraw, you can choose a Bitcoin wallet from Bybit Exchange, confirm the captcha and press WITHDRAW below, the system will send you an email.

CryptoTab Browser Review - Best Bitcoin mining browser 2022

Step 3: Confirm Email, click “Confirm Withdraw”

xác thực email rút BTC trên cryptotab

That’s it, it’s very simple to withdraw your Bitcoins.

Final Verdict

CryptoTab Browser Review – Best Bitcoin mining browser 2022

Above is a review of CryptoTab browser, a browser that helps you experience the internet better, faster, especially you can surf the web and earn bitcoins for free.

Readers can review the statistics of the information they need to know about the Cryptotab browser here.


  • Earn Bitcoin completely free and easy on computer and phone
  • You can earn passively through referral program up to 10 levels


  • Payment can be slow
  • Solo mining time is quite long (needs patience)

Give advice

You should not consider Bitcoin mining on Cryptotab as an opportunity to get rich, because in reality it cannot be so effective.

If you want to mine more BTC, you should consider referring friends, buying more mining speed, using multiple devices, referencing Cryptotab farm cb.clikc or a combination of all.

Withdrawal options

Withdraw with the recommended minimum Faucetpay

Withdraw with higher than recommended Bybit exchange

And now if you want to start mining Bitcoin, it’s simple, just click on the link below to download the Cryptotab browser.

Thank you for viewing the article. Any questions you can discuss at the link below.

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