Earn Free Bitcoin on Okx (Okex) Daily 2022


How to earn money on Bybit exchange?


Bitcoin is still the leading cryptocurrency today, if you want to earn free Bitcoin, you cannot ignore the article earn free Bitcoin on Okx (Okex) that is about to share below.

OKx (formerly Okex) – is a leading cryptocurrency exchange in the world, providing advanced financial services to international traders using blockchain technology.

OKEx offers hundreds of futures trading pairs to help traders optimize their strategies. Okex is also one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume, serving millions of users across more than 100 countries.

How to Earn Free Bitcoin (BTC) on Okx

Earn Free Bitcoin on Okx

To be able to participate in earning bitcoin on Okx, you need an account on Okx, follow the instructions below to be able to register for an Okx account.

Instructions for registering an account on Okx

Click the button below to start signing up for Okx and avoid visiting fake websites.

You will see an interface similar to the image below. You need to enter your email or phone number and password and click Continue.

Earn Free Bitcoin on Okx (Okex) Daily 2022

Log in to the email sent to you from Okex, copy the 6-digit code from the message. The example below is a line of code 196619. If you use your phone number to register, you will see a message saying the code is on your device.

Earn Free Bitcoin on Okx

Fill in the above line of code in the 6 squares that the system requires.

Earn Free Bitcoin on Okx

When you enter the code in the 6 blank boxes, the system will automatically log in to your account, now you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies or start earning free Bitcoin on Okx.

Instructions to earn free Bitcoin on Okx

There are 3 ways to earn free Bitcoin on Okx, I will talk about each of them so it’s easy for you to make a choice.

Download the Okx App via the link at the homepage, do not download the App on CH Play and App store because they work incorrectly.

Earn Bitcoin by logging in daily on Okx app.

Daily log in Okex app, click on reward, you will get 50 free satoshi daily. Log in for 7 days and you get an extra 200 satoshi.

Earn Free Bitcoin on Okx

Bitcoin Withdrawal Limit: When you reach 10,000 Satoshi, you can withdraw Bitcoin to your wallet.

Invite a friend and get $15

Know someone curious about crypto? Invite them to OKX and earn $15 when they buy crypto or deposit.

How can I earn rewards?

When your referral completes one of starting tasks, you’ll earn $15. You get 15 USDT in fee rebates when your referral passes photo verification and buys or deposits.

Once you have 5 referrals who’ve claimed rewards, you can become an OKX affiliate and start earning 30% of their trading fees. In that case, you’re no longer eligible to receive the referral rewards.

Rewards are credited to the account on the following day before 18:00 (UTC+8).

Referral rewards are added to your primary account only.

Affiliate Program

Become an affiliate. Invite 5 active users to become an affiliate and start earning fees.

Promote OKX. Link to OKX in articles, blog posts, and videos, or place ads on your websites.

Earn trading fees. New users sign up through your invitation link, you’ll start earning their trading fees.

Earn Free Bitcoin on Okx (Okex) Daily 2022

Final Verdict

How to start earning free Bitcoin on OKx?

Step 1: Sign up for a free account via the button below.

Step 2: Login daily, get free satoshi

Step 3: Invite friends to earn 15$

Step 4: Join the affiliate program to earn up to 60% transaction fees.


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