How to earn money on Bybit exchange 2022


How to earn money on Bybit exchange?


How to earn money on Bybit exchange? There are many ways to make money on Bybit exchange, with many good and diverse services, making money on Bybit is now simpler. In this article we will recommend the best ways to make money on Bybit, stay tuned.

In this article I will analyze based on the point of view of real users, they include potential ways of making money and its advantages and disadvantages.

Effective ways to earn money on Bybit exchange 2022

In addition to providing alternative ways to buy and sell Bitcoin or alt coins. On Bybit, there are many services for users, this makes it easier for us to make money on the Bybit exchange, with more options.

Here we will share some of the services that earn-crypto is using to make money from cryptocurrencies, follow them if you want to make money on the Bybit exchange.

Earn money on Bybit exchange by Market

Here you can filter the market data in real time, Bybit provides intuitive, detailed data, helping users to analyze the data accurately, thereby making key investment decisions to increase profits.

Earn money on Bybit exchange by Market

Make money on Bybit exchange by Trade

Here you can see a lot of services, but we will show you only a few that can help you earn money on the Bybit exchange.

Trading is one of the main products on Bybit. The products in this include:

  • Spot Trading: Buy & Sell on the Spot

Here you can see trading crypto pairs for profit according to the price difference. On Bybit always update new coin listings, and they also often hold contests according to trading volume, when you complete that trading volume, you will receive the amount of coins according to the notification.

On average, these contests deliver from a few dollars, in some cases they deliver up to several hundred dollars.

You can see these contest announcements on the homepage, or the Bybit blog page, participating in trading contests is a simple way to make money on the Bybit exchange and 100% get rewarded.

  • Margin Tradinghot: Invest with borrowed funds to boost returns
  • Leveraged Tokens: Leverage Without the Risk of Liquidation
  • Trading Bot: Smart Trades Made Easy

Bot trading is a safe way to earn money with low risk, by doing scalping trades with buy low, sell high strategy. Traders can increase their assets with 15 bots operating 24 hours a day, regardless of whether the price goes up or down. This equates to you being leveraged by 15 professional traders working for you.

Bot trading is suitable for people who have little time to monitor chart values, who have no analytical skills, who are lazy to learn analytical techniques.

You can also earn money on Bybit exchange with Bot through successful traders thanks to the copy trade function.

  • Launchpad: Early Access to New Tokens

Bybit’s Launchpad product helps users purchase potential tokens that are about to be updated on Bybit’s exchange listing.

By committing a minimum of 50 BIT (BitDao) or 100 USDT during the subscription period, users can cheaply buy a number of tokens in BIT or USDT.

Users can sell or hold those tokens, waiting for it to go up in price. The most successful LaunchPad events were KASTA with a return of 2089% in the first week. REAL 1851%, CBX 1228%…

Joining Bybit LaunchPad is a way to earn money on the Bybit exchange that many people love to join.

  • ByVotes: Vote for Your Favorite Listings

Bybit Votes is another product from Bybit, by owning USDT, users can vote 1 of the upcoming tokens to be added to the trading list on Bybit.

The percentage of votes depends on the amount of USDT you own, the trick to 100% win in this game is to divide the votes equally among all tokens.

Earn money on Bybit exchange by Derivatives

There are many derivative products on Bybit, they are listed as below. In these products we will evaluate the function “Copy Trading Derivatives”

  • Derivatives Portal: One-stop platform for all things Derivatives
  • USDT Perpetualhot: Perpetual Contract using USDT as the collateral
  • USDC Perpetualhot: Perpetual Contract using USDC as the collateral
  • Inverse Contracts: Perpetual and Futures Contracts using the coin itself as collateral
  • USDC Optionshot: Options Contract using USDC as the collateral
  • Copy Trading: Earnings made easy

Copy trade overview i.e you will follow professional traders, by using Bybit trader center user can see traders profit, take profit rate , stop loss … as well as the number of followers.

Depending on the taste of each individual user can make money on the Bybit exchange by copying their trades.

Users can also set their own orders such as leverage, take profit rate, stop loss, minimum trade amount. Compared to a trading bot, this is more flexible, but because of the use of leverage and liquidation prices, users can also incur more losses when using this form of trading.

How to earn money on Bybit exchange 2022
  • More Than Derivatives: Upgrade your trading experience with optimized products and trading tools.

How to earn money on Bybit exchange – by Earn

The safest Bybit exchange earning options.

  • Bybit Savings: Get guaranteed yields and withdraw your tokens anytime

Bybit Savings provides you a customized savings experience, allowing you to earn interest on your favorite coins. You can choose from flexible- and fixed-term products that offer competitive and guaranteed APYs.

Principal Guaranteed

Flexible & Fixed Terms Supported

High APYs for Your Favorite Coins

  • Liquidity Mining: Add liquidity and earn trading fees like professional market makers

Bybit’s Liquidity Mining refers to liquidity pools that are based on a revamped automated market maker (AMM) model. You can add liquidity to earn yield derived from trading fees. You can also add leverage to increase your share of the pool and maximize your yield.

Add liquidity to the pool

Claim daily yield via liquidity provision

Add or remove liquidity anytime

  • Dual Asset: Get high yield despite price volatility

Dual Asset is a short-term trading tool that gives you the opportunity to earn higher returns in low-volatility markets. All you have to do is predict the direction of a given crypto asset, such as BTC, ETH, LINK, BIT, and many more, within a pre-set timeframe and enjoy higher returns on your capital. Upon maturity, you will receive your proceeds in the form of USDT or your chosen crypto asset, depending on the outcome of your trade.

Earn in USDT when prices rise, earn in alternate crypto assets when prices fall

Earn attractive yield while accumulating your preferred crypto asset

Enjoy short lock-up periods to manage your assets as you desire

  • Shark Fin: A low-risk gateway to earning enhanced yields with capital protection

Bybit’s Shark Fin is a principal-guaranteed product that allows you to capitalize on the expansion and contraction of volatility for a chosen crypto asset. If the price of the underlying asset is confined within the preset price range on the settlement date, you’ll earn an enhanced yield. If the price of the underlying asset exceeds, or is equal to, the preset price range during the subscription period, you may still make a profit.

Principal-Protected Investment

Potential Yield Enhancement

Minimal Barrier to Entry

  • Launchpool: Stake and harvest new tokens for free

Bybit Launchpool allows you to stake and earn tokens for free. The tokens you’ve staked can be unstaked anytime.

Earn money on the Bybit exchange has many choices, depending on your personal taste, you can choose for yourself the appropriate forms.


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