Faucetpay reviews 2022 – scam or legit

spot_img reviews 2021. Faucetpay scam or legit. How to Account register, key features and tips to earn thousands of dollars with If you want to learn about then this is the article for you.

In this article we will provide the latest information about Faucetpay, including functions, services, how to register, set up a wallet to withdraw money from faucetpay, as well as how to earn cryptocurrency with

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What is Faucetpay?

Faucetpay’s predecessor is Faucethub. After Faucethub ended 2019, Faucetpay was born with many changes, not just a faucet, or a PTC website, now Faucetpay is known as a great micro wallet. Where you can connect to hundreds of different faucets, and the money you click from those faucets can go back to Faucetpay, no matter how small they are.

From Nam’s personal perspective, I realize that Faucetpay is a general website, including many outstanding features, including the following features.

Faucetpay is an advertising platform – If you have a need to advertise crypto projects, Faucetpay is a top choice, with nearly 10 million monthly visits, your products or ideas are easy contact with potential customers.

In fact, the advertising price of this website is also quite cheap, you can use your own income when using Faucetpay to pay advertising fees.

Faucetpay is a website that helps you earn cryptocurrency – On Faucetpay, there are more than 350 advertisers providing services about cryptocurrency, specifically classified, making it easy for you to make money with Faucetpay. In a way you can mine for free on Faucetpay, using your phone or computer with an internet connection.

You can find PTC faucets that pay quality coins, up to 850 faucets, you can search for your favorite cryptocurrency, they are classified in a very specific way.

You can take their surveys and get paid in crypto, participate in crypto bets on games, and of course don’t miss their affiliate program where you can earn a lot of money if you have top-notch Affiliate Marketing skills.

Faucetpay is a micro wallet – Amazing, at Faucetpay you can store a lot of valuable coins, after completing the tasks from the websites listed on you will receive your payment online then return it to the wallet on Faucetpay and then you will withdraw it to the wallet you linked here.

We will talk about this at the end of the article, where I will show you how to set up a wallet to withdraw money from Faucetpay to your wallet.

Faucetpay is an exchange – I firmly believe that anyone who works in the field of crypto, has their own coin wallets, and you can have tens to hundreds of coins, but you cannot be grouped into a single coin, for easy storage or transaction.

If you want to exchange them on major exchanges, then sometimes the number of coins you own is too small, and they are not enough for 1 transaction.

If this is your difficulty, with Faucetpay you can easily convert your coins into a single coin.

Above are the main features on, it is difficult to define exactly what Faucetpay is, because it has many features for users. And if you want to use this site to experience, please see the instructions to register for Faucetpay below.

Faucetpay website screenshot
Facetpay overall reviewFaucetpay ProsFaucetpay Cons
Rating: 5,00
Operator: Unknown
Country: USA
Language: English
Start working: 2019
Referral: One level
Micro Wallet: Faucetpay
Earnings: Middle
Captcha: Yes
Payout: Automatically
5 ways to earn money
Exchange inside
Reward system
Stable withdraw fee
Up to 50% referral commission

Largest Faucet Network
2+ million members

Register now at Faucetpay
Low PTC ads click commission
Medium Anonymity scam or legit?

Is Faucetpay a legit website?

First, I would like to confirm to you that this is a legit website, they pay users with real money, withdraw money in just 5 minutes with extremely cheap fees, which most exchanges can’t do.

My payment proof from Faucetpay

How many users have signed up for Faucetpay, how much has been paid to users?

Site Statistics:, update 15/06/2021
Since 2nd December, 2019

$2,498,837.42 USD

Through real payment information, you can completely answer the question “Is Faucetpay real or fake?”

Payment proof by Faucetpay

Conclusion: is a completely legit website that pays users with cryptocurrency.

How does Faucetpay pay you?

To receive payments from Faucetpay, you need to use crypto wallets, Faucetpay does not support any other form of withdrawal.

Some information about withdrawals that you may be interested in are as follows.

For each withdrawal you request, Faucetpay will charge an associated withdrawal fee. The withdrawal fee will depend on the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw, as well as the withdrawal method you choose.

Faucetpay is divided into 2 types of withdrawal.

  • Normal Withdrawal (4 Hours): Long withdrawal time, in some cases it may take 4 hours. Low withdrawal fees.
  • Priority Withdrawal (5 Minutes): Fast withdrawal time, in some cases it can take 5 minutes. High withdrawal fees.

Faucetpay withdrawal minimum

To see the minimum Faucetpay withdrawal fee, select Help > Fees or see the image below.

Faucetpay withdrawal minimum

Faucetpay will send funds to addresses associated with it, which means you need to link wallets with Faucetpay to receive crypto. We have a specific tutorial on how to link blockchain addresses with Faucetpay, you can refer here.

Who can join FaucetPay?

Anyone can join, Faucetpay has no KYC (know who your customers are) and the deposit and withdrawal services are all used on Blockchain, this ensures even if you are not 18 years old can participate.

Faucetpay Review – Main features on Faucetpay

Faucetpay provides many good features for users, specifically a few key features can be listed below, readers can refer to. includes the following specific features:

  • Dashboard:

In the dashboard include User Dashboard, Faucet Owner Dashboard, if you are a user and not a faucet owner, you only need to care about the User Dashboard.

Here you will basically see functions such as statistics, deposit, withdrawal, function to link your crypto wallet on review
  • Earn:

Here you can earn with Faucetpay, using the resources listed through the classified earning categories, including:
Faucet List: Includes 800+ reputable crypto faucets.
Offerwall/Surveys: List the top surveying platforms.
Paid to Click: Click ads and get BTC.
FEY Staking: Deposit and receive interest.

  • Multiply BTC:

Join betting games, casino and get profit in crypto. Dice, Crashes, Limbo, Roulette, Plinko

  • Trade:

Trade and exchange small coins together.

  • Affiliate:

The program makes money through referring new users to register and participate in activities on Faucetpay. This is a fair form of making money, you are paid well, new users can access cryptocurrency earning programs easier.

  • Advertise:

If you have crypto campaigns that need advertising, deserves to be one of the top sites for PTC advertising. Use bitcoin fees to advertise, get free traffic for blogs, youtube channels, … with a minimum of 7 seconds, your crypto campaigns easily reach more than 2 million members on Faucetpay.

How much money can you earn on Faucetpay?

While offering many ways of making money, not all of them are effective.

For example, the walls that offer surveys, you get a lower bonus than other sites like Timebucks. You get about 0.002$ – 0.2$ for surveys.

Join an affiliate program instead, you will get more out of each person you refer. Or search for the best faucets listed on Faucetpay, you can find them under “Faucet List”

There is another simpler way, which is to deposit FEY coins to receive interest.

We have a separate post about ways to make money from Faucetpay, which you can see here.

Can you use Faucetpay on mobile?

Faucetpay does not have a mobile app, however their website is optimized for mobile devices to ensure the best user experience. Review – Comprehensive information about support at Help

Like any reputable service, Faucetpay supports user requests in the Help section.
Here you will find transaction fees, how to contact the Telegram support team and frequently asked questions.

If you’re having any issues with your site or account, you might want to check out their “Frequently Asked Questions” page first, as it discusses most of the important topics you need to know about. webpage.

But if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can submit a support ticket which can also be accessed on their “Frequently Asked Questions” page.

In case your question is related to one of their offers, you need to contact the support available on that particular offer wall.

We recommend that you take the time to learn more about this top site.

Faucetpay reviews 2021 - scam or legit

You can join telegram group of Faucetpay at here to get help.

API documentation.

If you want to provide electronic faucets on Faucetpay, you can completely link to them, through the API function.

However, my advice, you need to have an employee or partner who is a programmer, playing this is more secure for your safety.

Final Verdict

I believe, deserves to be the leading platform for electronic faucet, exchange and micro wallet.
You should immediately own 1 Faucetpay account to earn cryptocurrency, with more than 1000 faucets being listed on Faucetpay.
With many functions the access to cryptocurrency has been greatly reduced in difficulty, even newcomers can easily explore cryptocurrency.

How to join FaucetPay?

If you want to join FaucetPay, it’s very easy and it will only take you a few minutes to get started. Just use the link below for instructions on how to sign up for a Faucetpay account.


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