How to earn fast in honeygain – Honeygain claim 5 dollar how?


How to earn fast in honeygainHoneygain claim 5 dollar how? Nowadays, using the internet has become too common, but in reality most of us do not make full use of the bandwidth that we are using every day, which is a waste. The question is how to turn this excess bandwidth into cash?

There are many best applications to buy this bandwidth, one of them is Honeygain. So what is Honeygain? How does Honeygain work? Is Honeygain safe? How to earn fast in honeygain?

We will explain all of them as well as show you the easiest way to start making money with excess bandwidth on the internet with Honeygain.

What is Honeygain?

Honeygain is the first-ever app that helps its users make money online by sharing their internet connection. People can now reach their unused data plans’ full potential and not leave any unused data behind! It’s a really passive income – effortlessly!

Is honeygain app safe?

Is Honeygain safe? What user data is being collected?

Customer security is very important to Honeygain.

Honeygain does not collect any data from its users. The only data that Honeygain will have is what will be needed for the service. This includes your email address, IP address, and the payment methods you have chosen.

Honeygain’s application connection cannot be accessed by outsiders and is fully encrypted, ensuring that personal information is not accessible. Rest assured and make money from home without any security threat!

Payment Proof:

Best ways to make money online on Honeygain
Best ways to make money online on Honeygain
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How does Honeygain work?

By running Honeygain you essentially employ your internet connection to make money for yourself. The app facilitates proxy services to third parties, such as data scientists, Fortune 500, and other trustworthy companies.

The Honeygain network is used by researchers from e-commerce, advertising, and web intelligence companies. These companies extract insights from the web using Honeygain to make market research, ad-fraud prevention, brand protection, pricing intelligence, travel fare aggregation, and SEO monitoring services.

How to earn fast in honeygain - Honeygain claim 5 dollar how

Honeygain pays $0.30 for every 1 GB of data they use from your Internet. This app gives you daily activity bonus, you get $0.35 per GB of data on average.

Below is an average estimate of the earning potential on Honeygain.

It takes at least 3 months to reach the minimum threshold point (20000 = $20) if you run this app on your PC at least 3 hours/day using broadband internet.

It takes at least 9 months to reach the minimum threshold point (20000 = $20) if you run this app on your mobile phone for at least 3 hours/day using mobile Internet.

Minimum withdrawal amount: $20

You can exchange your earnings for cash through your PayPal or Bitcoin wallet.


You can make money a little faster if you run this app on two or three devices at the same time.

How to earn fast in honeygain?

Start earning with Honeygain, and use the money to pay for a streaming platform subscription, unlock exclusive content on free-to-play video games, or simply treat yourself with a little online shopping spree.

How to earn fast in honeygain?

Step 1: Sign up for an account

It only takes you 2 minutes to complete and start earning fast on Honeygain.

Step 2: Verify e-mail

Verify your email from HoneyGain

Step 3: Set it up

Honeygain can be installed on any Windows, Linux, MacOS, or Android device with a stable Internet connection

Step 4: Run Honeygain

Once active, Honeygain securely shares your Internet connection, never gaining access to your personal data

Step 5: Let it gather

Honeygain uses your Internet connection to gather bits of information that’s publicly available online

Step 6: Help businesses

Credible companies use this data for web statistics, price comparison, and other verified business processes

Step 7: Get paid

Users earn money for all the traffic they share and can choose to receive payouts in PayPal, BTC, or JMPT

Honeygain claim 5 dollar how?

Sign up and get 5$ – so easy!

First, open up your web browser of choice. Sign up for a honeygain account via the link below and get your 5$ bonus.

Honeygain claim 5 dollar how

Click on Sign Up. You will be greeted with a super simple registration form. Enter your email, create a secure password and click on Sign up. You can redeem a coupon code by clicking on the “Redeem coupon code” if you have a coupon code. Note, you will not be able to redeem the coupon code after registration. Once you’ve entered the required information, click again on Sign up.

How to earn fast in honeygain - Honeygain claim 5 dollar how

Once you Sign up, you will be greeted with a Dashboard, which is going to be quite empty at first, but once you set up the Honeygain application on your device and start earning, it’s going to show you how the bees are doing and how much you’ve made.

How to verify your email?

You might notice that under the “Current balance”, it asks you to confirm your email address. So let’s do that. Click on the “Confirm email” button. It’s then going to say that the confirmation email was sent at the bottom right corner.

How to earn fast in honeygain - Honeygain claim 5 dollar how

Open up your email. You will find an email named “Please verify your email”. Open it and click on the “Verify email” button.

After that, it’s going to say that your email was successfully verified and confirmed at the bottom right corner. 

Note: If it says that the confirmation was unsuccessful or asks you again to verify your email, simply log out from Dashboard and log in even if you have just verified it.

How to earn fast in honeygain - Honeygain claim 5 dollar how

Installing Honeygain

Honeygain can be installed on any Windows, Linux, MacOS, or Android device with a stable Internet connection.

After installing the Honeygain application on any of your devices, make sure that your device is connected to the internet, the application is open, and try to keep your device turned on for most of the time. Honeygain application is completely autonomous and will share internet bandwidth by itself without interfering with your daily device usage. 

During the installation process, if you encounter problems, visit the Help section, where you will find installation instructions on any device.

How to earn fast in honeygain? It’s too easy, we have guide you basically how to start making money on honeygain, next we will give some information on how to get paid on Honeygain as well as how can make a lot of money best on Honeygain.

How can I make the most money on Honeygain?

First you need to understand how Honeygain pays you, 1000 honeygain credits = 1$, you get 3 credits for 10MB shared.

The amount you earn depends on internet speed, location, number of devices (up to 10 devices).

Although the earning process may seem slow at first, there are plenty of ways to increase and stabilize the earnings.

There are certain factors that determine how much traffic goes through a particular user:

  • The amount of active Honeygain users who are also sharing their internet at the same time.
  • The demand of traffic in the country where the user is from.

However, despite the aforementioned variables, there are a few ways to increase the earnings. We highly suggest trying to achieve all of the steps for the best gains:

  1. Switching to the mobile network connection in order to spread the traffic itself and using two (or more) devices on different IP addresses;
  2. Using our referral program. This way you would get 10% of all of your referrals’ earnings as a bonus!

How to earn fast in honeygain?

Use Content Delivery

Content Delivery is Honeygain’s latest feature, allowing users to share their internet connection for bandwidth-intensive content such as images, videos, audio, heavy websites, IPTV, VoIP, etc.

Credits for Content Delivery will be calculated based on the number of minutes, hours, or days that the desktop device will be connected to the Content Delivery’s Servers. And, for every hour connected, you will be rewarded with 6 credits.

How to earn fast in honeygain - Honeygain claim 5 dollar how

How does Honeygain pay you?

With Honeygain, you earn credits before converting them into actual dollars. You are paid 1 credit for every 10MB of traffic, and 10 credits equal to $0.01. The minimum payout is $20 (20,000 credits) – once you reach the sum, a ‘Request payout’ button appears.

If you have over 20,000 credits and the payout button still doesn’t appear, feel free to contact Customer Support.

Your email will then be added to Honeygain’s payment list.

Claim your money in PayPal

If you have little to no experience with PayPal, you might get a bit confused with this part. How do you claim the money from PayPal? It’s simple

Final Verdict

How to earn fast in honeygain – Honeygain claim 5 dollar how?

Summary of steps to make money from Honeygain

Step 1: Open an account

Step 2: Install on devices

Step 3: reach 20$, withdraw your money.


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