How to Register on LATOKEN?


How to Register on LATOKEN? Registering for LATOKEN and participating in the prestigious airdrop programs of the LATOKEN exchange is one of the extremely simple and reputable ways to earn free cryptocurrency.

Are you looking for information on how to register on LATOKEN? The easiest and fastest way to verify your LATOKEN (KYC) account?

Check out this tutorial to start opening an account on Latoken exchange and how to KYC LATOKEN, which helps you to trade cryptocurrencies and participate in LATOKEN Aidrop programs quickly.

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What is LATOKEN?

LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens. LATOKEN entered CoinmarketCap’s Top-20 in March 2019 and keeps improving the result.

  1. $300m+ daily turnover
  2. More than 1,500 000 registered traders
  3. Over 750k downloads on Google Play and over 1,500,000 followers on socials
  4. 240+ digital assets available for traders
  5. 450+ crypto pairs available for trading
  6. Low trading and withdrawal fees
  7. New trading pairs are being added every week

Besides crypto trading, eligible LATOKEN users can participate in selected Tokens Sales at pre-sale and crowdsale stages. Security Token Offerings (STO) are also available on LATOKEN crypto exchange.

Other features of LATOKEN Platform include:

  1. Instant exchange (LA DIRECT)
  2. Advanced trading features
  3. Crypto/fiat gateway

How to Register on LATOKEN?

Step 1

Please visit the official LATOKEN website and click on the Sign up button.

How to Register on LATOKEN?

Step 2

Choose to register for LATOKEN by email or phone.

There are 2 ways to register LATOKEN that is using email or phone number, in this article I show you how to register LATOKEN by email.

How to Register on LATOKEN

Enter your email address in the Your email address line and then click continue. If you want to use your phone number to register for a LATOKEN account, click on the line Login or sign up by phone number.

Clicking Continue means that you agree to comply with LATOKEN’s policies.

Step 3

Enter the password to log in to LATOKEN in the Set password box. In the Confirm password box, please re-enter the password to verify the 2 lines The password matches without confusion.

Referral Code You enter 5kusp4vk or leave the default. Continue to click Register to complete the LATOKEN account registration.

How to Register on LATOKEN?

Step 4

The LATOKEN system will send an email to the email address you registered, find and enter the code that the system has sent into the Code form email box.

Enter the code in the Code email form. Click Confirm to complete.

How to Register on LATOKEN

At this point, you have completed the procedures to successfully register an account on the LATOKEN exchange, next you need to verify your LATOKEN account to start trading or participate in making money through LATOKEN Airdrop programs.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Know Your Customer (KYC) is an identity verification procedure conducted by LATOKEN officials to ensure that our clients meet certain compliance requirements.

There are 3 tiers (levels) of KYC authorization. Each tier demands different types of information about the client.

Benefits of completing KYC

Higher withdrawals limits 24h

  1. 9999$ for KYC tier 1
  2. 100,000$ for KYC tier 2
  3. 500,000$ for KYC tier 3

Fiat deposits

By completing TIER 2 or TIER 3 KYC you can directly deposit Fiat through the Fiat gateway into our platform.

Participate in ongoing and future IEOs

Buy alternative tokens listed in our platform (only for Tier 3 verified)

Now that you know the benefits, you can verify your account and enjoy these benefits. 

How to pass KYC Tier 2 Verification?

Log in to your Latoken account.

Step 1:

Click  Profile on the upper right corner and  Profile & Security.

Step 2:

Click  Apply for Tier 2 now in the next screen that appears as shown below.

How to Register on LATOKEN?

Step 3:

 Enter name ② Enter last name ③ Select gender ④ Date of birth Select nationality

How to Register on LATOKEN?

Step 4:

 Enter postal code  Select country ③ Enter province (eg greater London)  Enter city Enter remaining address.

 Click when it is different from actual residence address.

How to Register on LATOKEN?

Step 5:

Upload the address verification documents (electricity, water, landline bills [not applicable to cell phone bills], government documents, tax documents, etc.). Please ensure you are uploading a jpg or png file!

 Click to select the scanned document  Select the date of issue of address verification document.

How to Register on LATOKEN?

Step 6:

Upload selfies (take selfies using handwritten “LATOKEN” and today’s date as shown below) Do not close your eyes, look straight at the camera and shoot without shading. The background should be bright and the flashes will not be reflected when wearing glasses without wearing sunglasses or a hat. ① Click to select the scanned picture

How to Register on LATOKEN?

Step 7: 

Upload ID (Government issued ID, name, date of birth, country of issue, ID number, issue date, validity period, etc.) (passport, driver’s license, other identification card)

Click to select the scanned ID card  Enter the ID card type and ID number

 Selection of validity period and date of issue

How to Register on LATOKEN?

For Existing users who have already created the account please follow the steps below:

Step 8:

Once you see the below screen 

Press  Sign in button at the center

 Enter your e-mail address

 Enter your login password.

 Press Sign in. 

How to Register on LATOKEN?

KYC Verification will be done according to the Queue. In case of higher KYC verification requirements, it may take some time for Latoken to verify.

Final Verdict

Latoken is a leading exchange in the world, has entered the top 30 voted by Forbes. Sign up and participate in Airdrop campaigns on Latoken to earn free crypto today. These Airdrops are traded right on Latoken, learn about the Latoken Airdrop here.


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