How to use Bybit Exchange 2022?


How to use Bybit exchange? If you are struggling to learn how to use the Bybit exchange, you should immediately read the article “Instructions to register and use Bybit cryptocurrency exchange 2022“. This is an article for those who are new to BYbit and hope to help readers.

First of all, to use the services on the Bybit exchange, users need to have a Bybit account.

How to register Bybit account?

Access the main Bybit website via the button below to open a Bybit account, avoid accessing fake websites.

You have 2 options to register Bybit account, that is to register by Email or Mobile Number. Also, you can sign up directly with your Google Account.

Earn-crypto will create a Bybit account using Email as an example. Enter your email address and password, then click “Continue”.

register bybit account earn-crypto

Note that your password must be between 8-30 characters, contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number.

Bybit will ask you to confirm if you are located in restricted countries, select “no” if you are not in restricted countries.

Bybit will send an email containing a 6-digit verification code to your email address. Enter the code to verify your email.

how to use bybit

After completing this step, you will receive a welcome message from Bybit, which proves you have successfully registered a Bybit account.

How to use Bybit most effectively? You need to complete identity verification in order to take full advantage of Bybit exchange offers.

Bybit Account Verification (KYC)

How to use Bybit exchange?

To enable any feature/service on Bybit exchange, you need to complete identity verification.

On the Bybit main interface, point to the human icon and click “Account & Security”.

how to use bybit

Next, you need to Click the “Verify now” button.

how to use bybit

You need to upgrade to Level 1, which is required if you want to use many functions. Level 2 opens up more features but isn’t really required. Click “Upgrade”.

how to use bybit

Choose your nationality, then click on “Next”.

register bybit account

Choose a type of identification document (Passport, National ID…), then upload an image of it (2 sides download required). Then, click “Next”.

register bybit account

Continue the verification process by verifying your face matches the document you uploaded. Follow the instructions and click “I am ready”.

The verification process will end after the face scan and you will receive a notification from Bybit. Bybit reviews your documents before your account can be upgraded to level 1, which usually does not exceed 1 day.

register bybit account

Secure Bybit exchange account with 2FA code

2FA Security, also known as “Two-Factor Authentication”, this is how to add another layer of security to your Bybit account. On Bybit, you can use SMS or Google Authenticator for 2FA secure authentication. Earn-crypto recommends the second option as it is one of the most popular and secure methods for 2FA at the moment.

On the main page, point to the human icon and click “Account & Security”.

how to use bybit
how to use bybit

Scroll down and click “Settings”. First, you need to verify your identity by email. Click “Send verification code” to receive a verification code to your email, then enter it into Bybit.

Follow the instructions to set up your Google Authenticator. When you are done, click “Confirm”. Your account will be disconnected and you will need to sign in again but with two-factor authentication this time.

How to use Bybit exchange basically 2022

How to buy/sell crypto on Bybit exchange

If you want to buy or sell cryptocurrency on Bybit (for example, buy Bitcoin) there are many ways. On Bybit, there are two common functions: One-Click buy, P2P.

One of the easiest ways to buy crypto tokens on Bybit is through its “One-Click buy” feature. By using this feature, you can buy cryptocurrency directly through various supported methods, like credit card or bank transfer.

To use this service, on the main page, point to “Buy Crypto” and select “One-Click buy”.

Here you just need to choose the cryptocurrency you want to buy, choose the fiat currency you are using, and finally choose the appropriate payment method.

How to use Bybit Exchange – Deposit Crypto

To use the trading features on Bybit, you need to first deposit some money into your account.

On Bybit, point to “Assets” and select “Assets Overview”.

Click on “Deposit”.

Next you need to select the token you want to send to your Bybit account, select the blockchain network that matches the token to send. Earn-crypto will take Coin98 with the BSC network as an example. Click “Acknowledge”.

Copy this exact address. Once your transaction is confirmed, your assets will appear on the Bybit wallet.

Note that the platform you choose to send money must also support the blockchain network on Bybit, in this example is the BSC network, if the network does not match the money you send, it will not be credited and not refunded.

How to use Bybit Exchange – Withdraw Crypto

On Bybit, point to “Assets” and select “Assets Overview”. Click “Withdraw”.

Select the token you want to withdraw (for example USDT), enter the address from which you want to withdraw your money. Continue to choose the blockchain network that is compatible with the token, and finally the amount to withdraw.

When all is done, click “Submit”. Depending on the Blockchain network, the amount of withdrawal fees also varies.

There are many other services and corresponding functions on Bybit, but they are related to ways to make money on Bybit so we will summarize it in another article, you can see them through the link below.

How to earn money on Bybit exchange 2022


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