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What is Remitano Exchange? Is Remitano Exchange Reputable? How to register and verify a Remitano account?

Quite a few people doubt information such as “Is Remitano a scam?”, “Is Remitano reputable?”, “Is Remitano safe to trade?, “Has Remitano ever been hacked?”

If you are a new user you will probably have such questions, check out this article to better understand the Remitano exchange.

What is Remitano Exchange?

Remitano is a P2P (Peer to Peer or Peer to Peer) Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading platform, that is, Remitano is only a third-party intermediary to ensure the safest transactions, while the transaction will be made directly between buyers and sellers.

According to the introduction, Remitano is a product of Babylon Solutions Limited based in the Republic of Seychelles (registration number Seychelles Reg. No. 168830).

Remitano exchange is currently providing services in a number of main countries such as the US, Malaysia, Vietnam, Nigeria, Cambodia, China and some other developed countries.

In general, Remitano is one of the leading exchanges in Southeast Asia with a long history, a friendly interface that is easy to use and supports multiple languages, making it easy for even new users to participate in transactions.

If you are new and do not have a Remitano account, you can refer to the instructions below to register for Remitano.

Is Remitano Exchange Scam or Legit?

As a long-standing exchange (2015) Remitano always focuses on its services in the best way, with a simple and easy-to-use interface, very friendly 24/7 support, so far Remitano has never encountered any problems.

In case of transaction problems, users will receive prompt support from the support team, until the problem is resolved.

How to register for a Remitano account?

How to register for a Remitano account is very simple, the Remitano registration process includes a few simple steps, follow to know how.

Step 1: Access to Remitano

Visit the site here to avoid visiting fake websites.

To register for Remitano exchange, you can choose to use a Facebook account, a Google account or use an email address. We recommend using your email address to register for a Remitano exchange account. Click Sign in with email.

Step 2: Enter your email

Enter the email address that you are using, you need to click Send link to sign up for Remitano.

Step 3: Go to email

An email from Remitano shall be sent to your mail account. Open it and click “Log me in Remitano” as in the pic below: 

After clicking Sign In to Remitano, you will be redirected to the Remitano exchange to complete your profile.

Step 4: Fill in your username and click “Continue” 

Finally, you need to read and understand the terms of Remitano, then click I have read and agree to register for a Remitano account.

You need to conduct personal identity verification (KYC) and turn on the 2-factor security function!

How to secure Remitano account?

Buying and selling cryptocurrency on most exchanges requires users to verify their identity, Remitano is no exception, the system requires very strict personal information verification, the image must be clear and not blurred, unedited. This is to ensure your benefits because if there is a problem during the transaction, you will be better supported by Remitano’s staff.

Secure with Authenticator

To use the Authenticator app to secure your account, you’ll first need to download and install Google Authenticator on your phone or other devices.

After installing Google Authenticator for your device, please apply it to Remintano by these following steps: 

  • Step 1:

Click on your username and Choose “Setting” 

  • Step 2:

At Authy Authentication you click Enable 

  • Step 3:

Use Google Authenticator to “Scan QR Code” or “Enter Manually – Authentication key

Firstly, open app Google Authenticator, choose the “+” feature, Next, choose “Scan barcode” or “Manual entry

If you choose “Scan barcode” ,your camera will be automatically open to scan the barcode. Navigate the square border to the QR code so your device could read it.

If you choose “Manual entry”, fill in your information and the Authentication key (which appeared at our website)

After successful installation, 6-number code shall appear at Google Authenticator app, fill the code in “Authy Authentication code” at Remitano website.

How to verify a Remitano account (KYC) 2022

Level 1 – Phone number

In the header bar, choose username > Verify account > Verify

Verify your phone number, enter it and press Continue

Enter the verification code in the empty box and press Verify level 1 is done – verify phone number

Level 2 – Documents verification

Comply with the following 4 requirements to complete account verification:

Request 1: Upload your ID photo (your ID card, passport, or driver’s license).

Note: For an ID card and driver’s license, you provide a clear photo Affixed seal; otherwise, your document will be rejected

Request 2: IDs on a sheet of paper: take a sheet of paper and write as follows “Buying crypto on [your email] [today’s date] and the code that is shown (valid for the next 10 minutes)” and place the IDs you have uploaded previously on the sheet and take a picture.

Request 3: Man holds paper: take a selfie with a sheet of paper with handwritten information as “Buying crypto on [your email] [today’s date]

Note: You must take a clear picture of your face and your arm holding the paper; otherwise, your document will be rejected.

Request 4: Secondary ID: take a picture of either one of your National ID, driver’s license, international passport, birth certificate, bank statement, marriage certificate… which is different from the primary ID uploaded in Request 1.


All images need to be clear, readable full name and document reference of the document. Any sign of modification is not acceptable.

Please follow our instruction carefully, your account may be temporarily banned if you fail to upload correct images many times. 

In some countries, we may ask for different documents, please follow our instruction in your verify page if it’s different with this instruction.

Final Verdict

Remitano is a reputable exchange, you can buy and sell Bitcoin transactions safely here. Registering and verifying information helps you better secure your account.


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