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You will lose free money if you ignore the information below. Wild Cash Quiz to Earn is a Trivia Game developed by Hooked Technology. Wild Cash Quiz to Earn is the social gaming platform that gives you the chance to mine up to 10,000 GOLD per day with a single click!

Log in and click the right buttons to earn 10,000 GOLD in a single day! GOLD is more than just an in-game currency, it’s your ticket to real-world cash! Convert your hard-earned GOLD to real cash that you can withdraw straight to your e-wallet!

Want to do more than just click? Try out the various quizzes that will test your trivia skills. The more answers you get right, the bigger your chances of winning the $1 billion GOLD prize pool! Put your mastery of trivia and general knowledge to the test now for a chance to win big!

In the next part we will review the wild cash app, you will understand why you should participate in monetizing this app.

Why should you use Wild Cash Quiz to Earn to earn?

Hooked Protocol (HOOK) – Web3 Gamified Social Learning Platform.
  • Hooked Protocol launched the first pilot dApp, Wild Cash, aiming to be the web3 community gateway in emerging markets. Shortly after launch, Wild Cash became the first & only Web3 application ever dominating Google Play rank for 9 consecutive days in Indonesia, with over 2 million monthly active users.
  • Hooked Protocol adopts an innovative single token (HOOK) oriented structure, supplemented with in-ecosystem only utility token HGT (Hooked Gold Token).
  • The token (HOOK) has been listed for sale early on Binance (the world’s largest exchange).
  • HGT (Hooked Gold Token) tokens you can earn while experiencing the “Wild Cash Quiz to Earn” app.
  • Wild Cash Quiz to Earn not only has one way to earn HGT (Hooked Gold Token), it has many ways, so it is suitable for most people.
  • According to some information, it is very likely that Wild Cash Quiz to Earn users will receive an Airdrop of HOOK tokens.
Wild Cash Quiz to Earn

The ability to make real money, developed by a reputable strong platform, suitable for the majority of users Wild Cash Quiz to Earn is rising strongly, don’t miss this opportunity.

Types of tokens on the Wild Cash app

The Wild Cash application will have different types of tokens with corresponding functions, in which:

  • GOLD: The main token that users receive through the process of doing tasks, Quiz to Earn… used to convert to other tokens. GOLD will be transferred directly to the user’s in-app wallet after each reward.
  • Cash Card (RP): A type of points with a conversion rate of 100 GOLD = 1 RP corresponding to 100 GOLD = 1 IDR (Indonesian currency). Through RP, users in Indonesia will be able to redeem IDR at channels such as OVO, DANA, Go Pay or ShopeePay.
  • uHGT: Currently, this token acts as an intermediary channel for conversion between GOLD and BUSD. The conversion ratio between GOLD and uHGT is 1:1.

Main ways to earn money on Wild Cash Quiz to Earn

The process of making money on Wild Cash Quiz to Earn is explained as follows:

On Wild Cash Quiz to Earn you need to earn gold, then you will unlock HGT token (Hooked Gold Token), you can hold HGT (Hooked Gold Token) or change it to stable coin BUSD and withdraw.

Below is a list of product features currently in the app Wild Cash Quiz to Earn, which you will use to earn gold.

Wild Cash Quiz to Earn - How to earn
Wild Cash Quiz to Earn – How to earn
  • Quiz to Earn: Users get to start an immersive web3 learning experience while earning their first token prize.
  • POWT (Proof of Work & Time) Mining Game: A game featured to incentivize users to contribute efforts and time within the platform, through the classic Proof-Of-Work mechanism.
  • Social Referral: Users get to establish their own web3 social graph by simply sharing; also earn strong monetary benefits with their social connections.
  • Stake & Swap: Users can own and store crypto assets in wallets, and later conduct their first crypto staking & swap.
Wild Cash Quiz to Earn – How to earn?

In the next section I will show you how to get the app and show you ways to earn as much gold as possible.

How to make money on Wild Cash Quiz to Earn app

First you can download the application via the link below, you can download it through anyone’s link, if you feel the content I share is useful to you, you can subscribe to me as a reward.

When you download via this link I will receive gold, however this has no effect on your experience and reward on Wild Cash Quiz to Earn Hooked Protocol.

You need to prepare the following accounts to be able to make the best money on Wild Cash.

  • Google or Facebook account.
  • Binance exchange account (for withdrawal), if you do not have one, you can open an account via the button below.

Successfully launching the Wild Cash application, you will go through the usual installation steps. Then, remember to immediately receive your daily gift via the “Collect Now” icon on the app homepage.

How to earn on Wild Cash Quiz to Earn

Then you will start earning gold, here there are many ways to earn gold namely Quiz to Earn, POWT (Proof of Work & Time) Mining Game, Social Referral, Stake & Swap.

Quiz to Earn:

This is the main task and has the opportunity to earn the most GOLD on Wild Cash, by answering questions surrounding the crypto market. Currently, Wild Cash’s question set is limited, you can note your answers so you can use them in the next time.

Step 1: At Wild Cash’s homepage, select “Play Now”

Step 2: Users need to correctly answer a series of 10 questions to receive a reward. After choosing the correct answer, click “Submit” → “Next” to move to the next question.

During the first time answering the series of questions, you will have 3 times to change the question if you answer incorrectly. When you answer incorrectly for the 4th time, you will lose the opportunity to do the quest.

Step 3: Complete 10 questions, you will receive a notification that the address is in the reward pool. You can adjust the notification settings by clicking Remind me for the next event.


The displayed bonus amount will be divided equally among all participating users.

Similar to Learn to Earn, you can join the “Practice to Earn” section via the Play Now button next to the “Training Camp” → “Go” icon at the camp you want to join.

POWT (Proof of Work & Time)

Mining is a form of mining GOLD tokens on Wild Cash, through NFT pickaxes and containers, in which:

  • NFT pickaxe: Automatically mine the user the corresponding amount of GOLD every second.
  • NFT container: Contains the maximum amount of GOLD automatically mined from NFT pickaxes in 1 day.

These NFTs can be upgraded by consuming the corresponding amount of GOLD.

Step 1: Select the corresponding NFT in the NFT Toolbox section.

Step 2: Press Mint to mint NFT at a higher level. After minting, need to wait 24 hours to continue upgrading.

In addition to letting NFT automatically mine, you can press the Tap button to mine with each press corresponding to the amount of NFT code mined per second.

After 24h since the NFT container is full of GOLD, the system will refresh this NFT and continue mining.

Social Referral

Inviting friends is also a way for users to earn more GOLD for themselves, with 8% of the reward in the minting mode for each person. (Example: The person invited to mint 10,000 GOLD today, you will receive 800 GOLD). For each invitation you will receive an additional 5,000 GOLD

Step 1: In the Referral section, select Invite Partners.

Step 2: Copy the blue link and send it to your friends.

Note: The person you invite must be someone who has not downloaded and installed the application, not registered on the application.

Stake & Swap

To optimize the received GOLD profit, you can stake tokens in the Staking Vault section of the Wallet section. The pool’s APY is currently 9.75%.

Step 1: Click Go next to the Staking Vault icon.

Step 2: Enter the amount of GOLD you want to add and select Stake Now.

You can withdraw or harvest GOLD at any time through:

  • Harvest Yields: Harvest GOLD stakeable.
  • Unstake All: Withdraw all staked GOLD.
  • In addition, you can add GOLD at any time by repeating the two steps above.

So I have shared how to earn gold on the Wild Cash Quiz to Earn app. Anyone can use Wild Cash Quiz to Earn to earn, so don’t miss this great earning opportunity.


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